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Supply and Install Smart UPS for GKP

Twekl Company has undertaken the supply and installation project of Smart UPS systems for Gulf Keystone Petroleum. The project aims to enhance the reliability and efficiency of Gulf Keystone Petroleum's critical infrastructure by implementing state-of-the-art Smart UPS technology.

The project involves meticulous planning and execution to ensure seamless integration of the UPS systems into Gulf Keystone Petroleum's operations. Twekl Company's team of experts will conduct thorough site surveys to determine the optimal locations for the UPS units, considering factors such as proximity to critical equipment, ventilation, and accessibility for maintenance.

Qualified technicians from Twekl Company will handle the installation process, ensuring the proper setup of UPS units, associated wiring, circuit breakers, and surge protection devices. Attention will be given to proper grounding and electrical isolation to safeguard against electrical hazards and ensure compliance with safety standards.

By partnering with Twekl Company for this project, Gulf Keystone Petroleum aims to bolster the resilience of its infrastructure, minimize downtime, and maximize operational efficiency through the implementation of advanced Smart UPS technology.

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