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Chwar Barda company

Chwarbarda constructing Co. An integrated construction company delivering distinctive visionary projects, evolved from locally focused firm into one of Kurdistan region top independent company.

Chwarbarda Co. Offers international construction standards and high quality finishing. Since its establishment.

Chwarbarda Has successfully created employment opportunities skills, delivered services, applied technology and constructed distinctive and sustainable developments.

Farzeen company

Farzeen Company was established in 2011, by our CEO (Farhad Khalid). The company was founded on the principles of providing better services to the companies, region, and industry, which has only grown since inception. Our CEO and partners have been in this particular field since 2000. With that, we are combining a level of expertise & professionalism that provides an experience unmatched by any other company here in Kurdistan.

West Group

West Company was founded in 2007, The aim of the company and the nature of the business is to contribute to investment of capital in the field of construction and constructions so as to achieve the development of the aspect of the national economy is among the plans, rules and regulations, and the central rules and regulations in force in the Kurdistan Region

Erbil international Fair

There is no doubt that the Kurdistan Regional Government pays great importance to the establishment of international fairs and specialized in the land of Kurdistan because of its security and stability and witnessed campaigns of powerful reconstruction in various fields, so the regional government has taken it upon themselves to provide all the supplies necessary for the success of these fairs to provide security and services and facilities necessary for the introduction of goods in and out as well as facilitating the entry of exhibitors and participants across the border ports and airports of Kurdistan.

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