Nikazo leader Platform for selling car in Iraq.

Nikazo is a new world of success in the automotive market. By utilising the digital technology, Nikazo has built the ultimate website and mobile app for luxury cars and everything related to it.

What we provide for Nikazo company as a solutions ?!

Nikazo company need to reach customers all around Iraq, So we provide for them a full-serviced platform contain an mobile application for Android and Iphone (IOS) and a website that can post on it every new or used car that the company has to get the best customer that dream about it.

Feature that Nikazo has..

Easy to use :

Every one can use the APP and the website of Nikazo even if they are a simple technology users

Clear user interface:

Our user experience journey keep us in shoe of the user to think how they will react in every step they take in the platform

Fast and error-free:

You will see in the app high resolution and 360 degree photo that show you the car from any angle and direction with all these huge data we make sure to not let user wait for loading or breakdown issues.

Nikazo available in play store and app store you can try it from here: